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Law Enforcement

Nationwide, police recover millions of pieces of property that cannot be matched to the owner because the finder doesn’t know you’re the owner, and you don’t know they have it. Improve your chances of reuniting with valuables in the event they are lost or stolen using the secure foundrop system.


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Foundrop has engineered an empowering platform for you to create an inventoried list with photos of all your hard-earned property and most valued memories and treasures. Now when you lose, leave behind or have stolen; your keys, mobile phone, earing, pet, sunglasses, bicycle, laptop, backpack, GPS, camera, and everything else you can think of, all you need to do is flag it lost or stolen, which pushes that item into the Foundrop law enforcement database. When it’s turned into law enforcement, they’ll know it yours and return it to you.

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In your home, your business, your life, you own trackable assets like mobile devices, tools, furniture, and hundreds of other items. Why should you inventory them? Because it's more than property — it's your memories, hobbies, and livelihoods; and by doing so, you greatly increase the chances of recovery and payout on claims when those items are lost, stolen, or left behind.

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